Morass of Molasses / Kylver / Xylöc / Shot Down Zed

Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

The Wheatsheaf

8:30 PM

Morass of Molasses / Kylver / Xylöc / Shot Down Zed

‘Enough bowel quaking low-end to fill another Sabbath album’ – Kerrang
‘Masters of the low end whilst still finding plenty of bounce to set themselves apart’ – Desertfest
Swamp master generals of the Reading scene; they creating the kind of lumbering Heavy blues riffs which induce involuntary head nodding and a deep stirring of the loins. Effortlessly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their short life so far has also seen them sharing stages with such luminaries of the scene as Crowbar, Orange Goblin, Ohhms, Vodun, Elephant Tree, Desert Storm, Space Witch, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard and many more. Their first gutsy Jagermiester stage performance at Bloodstock Festival helped propel them into a relentless schedule of touring. During which they released the self-funded debut EP ‘So Flows Our Fate’. Which garnered a tidal wave of critical acclaim and brought them into contact with Hevisike Records. The very Label which released their debut Album ‘These Paths We Tread’. Closely followed by another momentous performance to a packed Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock Festival and more recently at Desertfest in London and HRH Doom vs Stoner at O2 Sheffield.

(Pronounced: Kil-ver) are a four piece instrumental progressive rock/metal band that have crafted their take on the progressive genre by mixing slow and heavy doom riffs, odd time signatures, atmospherics of post-rock and Hammond tones of the 70’s with a classic rock and metal sound.

Xyloc are groove / thrash metal band from the Midlands area of the UK. We are – Mariana on Vocals, John on guitar, Andy on drums and Max on bass. The band was born from the ashes of a previous band, ‘Dead Black and White’, that John, Andy and Max were involved with. Our demo tracks have Lesley on vocals (and great they are too!). Lesley has since left the band. Lesley continues as a singer / songwriter and you should check out her stuff! Mariana has joined us on Vox and some demos are comming soon, together with some pics, so you better stay tuned !! In true clichéd fashion, Xyloc don’t take them-selves too seriously (so far), but take what they do seriously. The songs are rooted in old school thrash with a groove that we hope lifts them from the crowd!

Shot Down Zed is an original, four piece rock band. Inspired by a wide range of styles and musicians, the band produces a British, classic rock style with a hint of blues and southern American rock.

The Wheatsheaf Banbury
68 George Street OX16 5BH

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68 George Street
Banbury, Oxfordshire
OX16 5BH
United Kingdom
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